In my role as DW's chief technology correspondent, I wrote and anchored a series of short documentaries that shed light on how technology impacts democracy — and how this could change society in the coming years and decades. 

How to hack an election

Around the world, cyber-attackers try to meddle in elections. Some of their methods have been tested for decades. Others use brand-new technology, taking interference to the next level. 

Here's how individuals, parties or entire countries try to hack elections — and how they can be protected. (DW, September 2021)

Why the internet is so slow in Germany 

For years, Europe’s largest economy has failed to roll out good internet connections — and that’s increasingly a problem. 

The story of one small village in central Germany and how it’s been fighting for better internet highlights everything that’s wrong with Germany’s internet rollout. (DW, July 2021)

Big Tech under fire

Governments around the globe have zeroed in on the world’s largest tech companies.

But how did Big Tech come under so much fire? And how did it get so big in the first place? (DW, April 2021)

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